Year 11

Students will have the opportunity to continue to learn more about reading and writing music for their performance instrument and appropriate to genre. They will learn through group performance and by looking at a variety of music styles which will provide the skills for individuals to read and write music according to their level of experience and knowledge. Students will enjoy the e-learning focus to assist both learning and assessment. Students will be supported to enter New Zealand secondary school initiatives such as Smokefree Rockquest, Play it Strange and NZ Chamber Music competitions.

As part of the performance requirements for assessment, students need to continue with a course of instrumental tuition in their performance instrument, throughout the year (either privately or via the college). See music department brochure for details. Students must be prepared to take part in performance opportunities and be working with a tutor as they learn about music performance. Music technology is a new and exciting part of this course. Students can learn about setting up sound for performance and digital sequencing. At this level students also have the option of creating a music video and understanding behaviours in a music context.