Year 12

This course builds on the skills of performance and composition developed to a competent level from Level 1. Instrumentation and score reading, will be developed to a competent level. Students will be encouraged to perform at organised events such as the New Zealand Chamber Music Festival or the Rock Quest Competition.
Learning and assessment activities are based around the four strands from the Arts Curriculum document:

  • Developing practical knowledge in music (theory, score reading).
  • Developing ideas in music (composing music).
  • Communicating and interpreting in music (listen to, read and play music).
  • Understand music in context (developing knowledge and understanding of a variety of music styles both past and present).

Music technology is offered across 3 standards, which build on one another. An electronics standard where students create a guitar pedal is new at this level and encourages students to apply different forms of knowledge in a music context.

Please Note – While students have the opportunity to further their own interests in music, this course has a set programme of teaching and learning based on the curriculum. Each year a course is designed to allow all students in the class to access at least 14 credits and a subject endorsement through one external paper.