Year 13

Music study at Year 13 provides the opportunity for students to be able to specialise in the areas of their strengths and abilities, eg. performance, composition or musical knowledge/research (musicology). This course is a culmination for students who have completed Levels 1 and 2 standards in these areas. Performance, music studies, composition and harmonic analysis are extended to an in-depth level of understanding. Students must be committed to a course of study from the classroom teacher as well as separate weekly tuition from their instrumental music teacher and will often have to work independently to achieve the set tasks. Learning and assessment activities are based around the four strands from the Arts Curriculum document:

  • Developing practical knowledge in music (theory, aural, score reading)
  • Developing ideas in music (composing music)
  • Communicating and interpreting in music (listen to, read and play music)
  • Understand music in context (developing knowledge and understanding of a variety of music styles both past and present).

Please Note – While students have the opportunity to further their own interests in music this course has a set programme of teaching and learning based on the curriculum and NCEA assessment standards.

Special Conditions:

  • As part of the performance requirements for assessment, students need to continue with their course of instrumental tuition on their performance instrument throughout the year (either privately or via the college). It is recommended that lessons be on an individual basis for at least ½ hour per week. (See music department brochure for details.) Extra charges may apply in some cases.
  • Students must be prepared to take part in performance opportunities.
  • Music technology is offered to students who have completed levels 1 & 2 tech standards.